Dr. Jiselle Rouet has over 15 years of experience in coaching and leadership working with groups and individuals in the Performing Arts and Higher Education industries. Dr. Rouet brings to People Solution Plus her expertise in issues of diversity, equity, and inclusivity. She holds a PhD from the University of California Berkeley in Ethnomusicology, with a focus on critical race theory and gender and sexuality studies. 

At the University of California Berkeley, Dr. Rouet has been recognized for her outstanding leadership and coaching skills through the Christofilos Award and the Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor award. She has honed her leadership skills through teaching – leading over 240 students toward various academic goals, developing strategies to solve specific learning problems, and coordinating multiple projects simultaneously.

In addition to her roles as teacher and mentor, Dr. Rouet has worked on community engagement and program management. In one of her most significant and demanding projects, Dr. Rouet served as guest conductor for the National Sinfonia of Trinidad and Tobago.  Tasked with the job of reviving an orchestra after a year-long period of inactivity, leading the orchestra consisted of more than just waving a baton. In fact, the role required Dr. Rouet to work on building trust and a sense of community with and between 60 musicians, ranging from ages 14 to 70, within a period of one month in order to produce an hour-long concert for the public