Our Company

We believe that people are the key to success and productivity in any business. However, getting the right people, getting them engaged and providing support with advanced people solutions to ensure their continued allegiance and productivity is where we can help your business to achieve stellar bottom-line performance.

We are qualified to bridge this gap in our business. People Solutions Plus is a Recruitment, HR Business Solutions and Training consultancy committed to providing leading-edge HR support and exemplary customer service to our clients.

With over twenty-five years of HR experience, we at People Solutions Plus believe that we have the right balance of skills and experience to suit your people needs.

Moreover, we also bring years of international experience having worked in Africa, Indonesia and Scotland using people skills to improve organizations in these environments.

At People Solutions Plus, we can respond to your people needs through either Short Term Projects or Long Term Projects.

Short Term Projects 

If you require HR Support or advice on a specific people issue, we can assist you.

Long Term Projects

We can also offer long-term support on a retainer basis to support your people processes which can include ongoing consultation, advice and guidance on a monthly fee structure based on the amount of support required.